Acceptance of Nano and Blended Learning and Technical Reviewer Credit

Effective September 1, 2016, the Statement on Standards for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Programs (Standards) permits the issuance of CPE credit for two new instructional delivery methods: nano and blended learning. The Standards also allow for a technical reviewer of a CPE program to earn CPE credit. See the Standards for full details.

The following table identifies the jurisdictions that accept nano and/or blended learning as well as technical reviewer credit.

A "Yes" in the column means acceptance in the respective jurisdiction's rules and regulations in terms that align with the Standards or the acceptance of incremental (partial) credit learning with no discernment on delivery method..

Click on the "More Info" link to be redirected to the CPE Requirements page for additional information in which the jurisdiction's rules and regulations differ from the Standards. See the "Credit Limitations" section on the CPE Requirements page.

An asterisk "*" means that the jurisdiction is currently in the rule-making process.

Information updated as of 1/30/2018.

Jurisdiction    Nano Learning Blended Learning Technical Reviewer
  Alaska     Yes Yes  
  California     Yes   More Info
  Connecticut Yes * Yes *  
  District of Columbia Yes Yes  
  Georgia Yes Yes  More Info  
  Guam Yes Yes  
  Hawaii Yes Yes Yes  More Info
  Idaho Yes * Yes * Yes *
  Maryland Yes Yes  
  Massachusetts Yes Yes  
  Michigan   Yes  
  Missouri Yes Yes Yes
  Montana Yes  More Info Yes  Yes  More Info
  Nebraska Yes   More Info Yes More Info  
  Nevada Yes Yes Yes  More Info
  North Dakota Yes * Yes *  
  Ohio Yes Yes  
  Oklahoma   Yes   More Info  
  Oregon   Yes  
  Pennsylvania   Yes   Yes
  Tennessee Yes Yes  
  Texas Yes   More Info Yes  
  UTah   Yes  
  Vermont Yes * Yes * Yes *
  Virginia Yes Yes  
  West Virginia   Yes