National Registry of CPE Sponsors

National Registry of CPE Sponsors


Group Internet Based: Measurement

Active Participation Monitoring Mechanism

  1. Rather than using polling questions that are irrelevant to the webcast topic or CPE provider such as numbers or letters, use polling questions that ask questions pertinent to the topic being discussed. The use of these types of questions can ease the transition to a Self Study format of the event. Additionally, use of demographic type questions as poll questions can assist the CPE provider with regard to obtaining customer data.
  2. Passwords to enter at irregular intervals: Poll questions or “passwords” should be provided at irregular intervals so as to prevent attendees from “guessing” when the next question or password will be displayed so they can “pay attention”.
  3. In situations where small groups view a group internet based program, it is not necessary for the individuals in the small group to respond to polling questions individually. The person logged into the program may respond to the polling on behalf of the group; however, the monitoring of active participation of the individuals in the small group will be documented and verified by the small group administrator or facilitator.
  4. What is the acceptable size of a small group for viewing a group internet based program? The Standards purposefully do not define small group in terms of number of people. However, the intention is that a small group would be a group of two or more people that could be accomodated in a conference room at an office and not a large ballroom at a hotel.

CPE Credit Calculation

Standard No. 16 provides that sponsored learning activities are measured by actual program length, with one 50-minute period equal to one CPE credit. Sponsors may recommend CPE credits for group internet based programs in one-fifth, one-half or whole increments after the first credit has been earned. Sponsors may round down CPE credits awarded to the nearest one-fifth, one-half or whole increments at their discretion and as appropriate for the instructional delivery method. CPE credits should never be rounded up.


Course begins at 11:00 am and finishes at 12:30 pm with a 15 minute break. Total time of instruction is 75 minutes.

Rounding down to the nearest increment, use the following guidance:

  • To the whole credit:  1.0 CPE credit
  • To one-half credit:  1.5 CPE credits
  • To one-fifth credit:  1.4 CPE credits