National Registry of CPE Sponsors

National Registry of CPE Sponsors


CPE Requirements

New Mexico

Date of Last Revision:    10/31/2022

License Renewal Date
Last day of birth month annually

CPE Reporting Period
First day of month following birth month to last day of birth month over a three year rolling period

General Requirement
120 hours, with a minimum of 20 per year

Ethics Requirement
4 hours

Other Subject Area Requirements

  • 96 hours in technical subjects such as audit, attestation, financial reporting, tax, management consulting, financial advisory or consulting, and other areas acceptable to the board.
  • 24 hours of CPE sponsored by organizations other than a licensee's firm or employer.

Credit Limitations

  • Instruction: Instruction credits are limited to 60 hours combined with authorship.
  • Meetings: Board meeting attendance is limited to 4 hours.
  • Published Materials: Authorship credits are limited to 60 hours combined with instruction.
  • Per Review: Not accepted for CPE credit.
  • Nano Learning: The credit to be earned for a single nano learning program is one fifth credit. Only a total of eight (8) CPE credit hours can be reported in a three year reporting cycle using nano learning credits.

Credit Calculation

  • Instruction: Credit is equal to presentation plus preparation. Preparation is limited to one (1) times presentation. Repeat instruction is only credited for actual presentation time.
  • Partial Credit: Half credits are accepted after first hour.
  • University/College: One semester hour equals 15 CPE hours; One quarter hour equals 10 CPE hours; Non Credit Courses - each classroom hour will equal one qualifying hour.

Other State Policies
New Mexico accepts CPE credits for programs offered by National Registry sponsors.


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