QAS Self Study

QAS Self Study

A QAS Self Study program is an educational program completed individually without the assistance or interaction of a real time instructor. QAS Self Study programs must elicit participant responses to test for understanding of the material. Appropriate feedback must be provided. Satisfactory completion of the program must be confirmed during or after the program through a qualified assessment. 

Initial Application Fee

The initial application fee for QAS Self Study is based on the number of CPE credits being offered for the QAS Self Study program(s) included on the program list submitted with the initial application (with one CPE credit equal to a 50-minute period).

  • 0 – 4.0 CPE credits  - $1,650
  • 4.2 – 16.0 CPE credits - $1,975
  • 16.2 – 40 CPE credits - $2,350
  • 40.2 – 75.0 CPE credits - $2,890
  • 75.2 – 100.0 CPE credits - $3,450
  • 100.2 – 150.0 CPE credits - $3,950
  • 150.2 – 200.0 CPE credits - $4,455
  • 200.2 + CPE credits - $4,995

Initial application fees are non-refundable.

Following the administrative review, the QAS Self Study delivery method application will enter a preliminary instructional design review to focus on five primary elements. If there is a failure in any one of these elements, you will be notified that the minimal requirements have not been met to further the application for review. You may re-apply when the program is compliant with the Standards. You will be required to submit a new application and fee.

More information on the application process can be found in the Administrative Review Process, the Preliminary Instructional Design Review and the Full Instructional Design Review sections.

Renewal Application Fee

Once approved for the National Registry of CPE Sponsors, organizations must renew their membership annually by the first of the month of their initial approval date. The renewal fees are determined by the total number of different programs offered by the organization for the following approved instructional delivery methods: Group Live, Group Internet Based, QAS Self Study and Blended Learning.

Renewal Fees

  • 1 – 15 different programs - $875
  • 16 – 25 different programs - $1,085
  • 26 – 50 different programs - $1,750
  • 51 – 100 different programs - $2,795
  • 101 – 250 different programs - $3,450
  • 251 – 500 different programs - $4,175
  • 501 – 1000 different programs - $4,750
  • 1000 + different programs - $5,750

Nano Learning Supplemental Fee

A $550 flat fee will be added to the Renewal Fee listed above for Registry sponsors approved for multiple instructional delivery methods including Nano Learning, regardless of the number of Nano Learning programs offered.  


Administrative Review Process

1.  Submit the Interest Form

Only organizations or individuals who have offered at least one educational course in the past can be considered for membership. The program does not have to have been offered for the CPA profession or awarded for CPE credit.  After the complete interest form is submitted, a link to the National Registry of CPE Sponsors will be sent to the main contact.  The email address is  Some mail client security features may reject this address, so make sure you are able to accept messages from this address.

2.   Familiarize Yourself with the Standards and Best Practices

Before proceeding with the online initial application, we ask that you make yourself familiar with the Statement on Standards for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Programs (revised January 2024). These are the Standards by which your application will be measured for compliance.

The Best Practices site has been developed to assist in the development, presentation, measurement, and reporting of CPE programs. Please visit the Best Practices site here.

3: Complete Initial Application

The Registry application is a detailed process, and potential sponsors should take the necessary steps in providing a complete application.  The National Registry provides help and support to provide guidance, including video whiteboards, best practices, and workshops (i.e. the Registry Summit).  The online application is an intuitive and interactive interface by which you can upload all materials that are relevant for the delivery method you are seeking for approval. The application and review fees can also be paid through this secure system. The online application form will allow you to save and return to complete it at a later date. You will be prompted to supply a login and password to access the incomplete form. 

You may apply for multiple instructional delivery methods (group live; group internet based; QAS self study; nano learning; and blended learning) with one application. You will be requested to submit certain documentation and program materials for one program of each instructional delivery method for which you are applying. All of the requested documentation for the application should relate to the submitted program. For example, if the submitted course is titled, “Accounting ABCs,” then all submitted materials—program materials, promotional materials, certificate of completion, evaluation form, etc.—should be for the “Accounting ABCs” program.

QAS Self Study Additional Materials:

  • Course materials
  • Method of CPE credit determination
  • Qualified assessment and review question keys
  • Supporting documentation that 75% or more of learning objectives are measured in the qualified assessment

4.   Main Contact Notified of Status

Once you have submitted your initial application, you will receive a confirmation email.

5.  Application Review Process Begins
The National Registry team reviews your application to determine if the policies, procedures, and courses are compliant with the Standards. The initial application process consists of a hands-on evaluation by the National Registry of CPE Sponsors administrative review team. Your application will be assigned to an Instructional Design Administrator.  The first step in the review process, your assigned reviewer will evaluate the administrative materials to measure against the applicable Standards.

The required documents for the application include:

Program List

If all program offerings have not yet been determined, submit the known course offerings and remit fees based on that program offering level. If, during the year, your organization will exceed the number of program offerings included in the initial application, please contact your National Registry account administrator.

Administrative Documents

6. Request for Modifications

If there are areas of non-compliance, your Instructional Design Administrator will send you an email requesting modifications. Each element on the modification report must be addressed. If you have any questions, please contact your  Instructional Design Administrator. You will have two weeks from the date of the email to submit the modified documentation and materials. You have two opportunities to make required modifications.  After two opportunities to make modifications, if ANY non-compliance remains, the application will be closed.

7. Administrative Review Complete

Once your administrative documents are in compliance with the Standards, your application will move forward to the Preliminary Instructional Design Review.


Preliminary Instructional Design Review

Following the administrative review, the QAS Self Study delivery method application will enter a Preliminary Instructional Design Review. This portion of the review will focus on five primary elements: (1) inclusion of learning objectives within the program materials; (2) the completeness of program materials with the minimal required components; (3) the existence of review questions with appropriate evaluative and reinforcement feedback; (4) the composition of the qualified assessment; and (5) the CPE measurement methodology.

If there is a failure in any one of these elements, you will be notified that the minimal requirements have not been met to further the application for review. Additionally, you will be notified of the preliminary review deficiencies and referred to the resources to review and consider before re-applying. If the application is denied as a result of the preliminary review, you may re-apply when the program is compliant with the Standards. Once you are prepared to re-apply, you will need to submit a new application and fee. If the program complies with all of the requirements of the Preliminary Instructional Design Review, you will receive notification that your application is moving forward to the Full Instructional Design Review.


Full Instructional Design Review


After successfully completing the Preliminary Instructional Design Review, the QAS Self Study delivery method application will enter the Full Instructional Design Review. The program will be reviewed for compliance with the Standards to determine that: the course has been developed with learning objectives; no less than 75% of the learning objectives are achieved through learning activities and are measured through the qualified assessment; and the review questions have the appropriate feedback.

The program will then be reviewed for content and technical accuracy. Typically, this review is performed by an outside, independent CPA.  If the program complies with all of the requirements of the review process the applicant will receive notification that they were approved for the QAS Self Study delivery method.

Best Practices