What Sponsors Need to Know

I am a sponsor approved on the National Registry for the Group Live delivery method only. I am using the flexibility provided through December 31, 2020 to deliver my in-person training online. How and what do I document?

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Registry of CPE Sponsors has provided flexibility to those sponsors approved only for the Group Live delivery method to convert in-person training events to online events. This flexibility is being provided until December 31, 2020.

The guidance that NASBA has provided is that the certificate of completion should indicate the delivery method as Group Live with the added description of “presented online due to COVID-19.” NASBA asks that sponsors not indicate a delivery method of Group Internet Based, if they are not officially approved for that delivery method.

There are state boards that review the certificates and check to see if the sponsors are approved on the Registry. Indicating Group Internet Based as the delivery method when not actually approved could result in a denial of continuing professional education (CPE) credits for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

If using this flexibility, sponsors must still take reasonable measures for attendance monitoring. Every program or event should be evaluated, and the level and type of documentation will depend on factors such as:

Documentation Needed

  • How long is the program? Does it occur on one day or over multiple days?
  • How many CPE credits are being offered? A one credit class will be simpler to organize and document than a program that offers 10 CPE credits.
  • How many attendees? There will be much more to consider and document, the larger the class or event size.
  • What platform is being used? What type of subscription is associated with the platform? The platform and subscription type often dictate the reporting and tools that are available for use.

If the product you are using to host the virtual event has attendance tools as part of its platform, then generating a report from those tools could provide sufficient documentation, especially if the reports indicate the participant start and end time. Another simple suggestion is to take a screenshot of the participants view at various points in time during the event (including the beginning and end). Additionally, many products have a chat or raise your hand feature that could be used to check attendance throughout the event.

Be sure to maintain this attendance documentation to support the CPE credits issued on the certificates of completion to the participants of the event.

Please note that NASBA does not plan to extend the flexibility beyond December 31, 2020. If you anticipate the need for online training in the future, NASBA encourages you to apply for the Group Internet Based delivery method through the submission of an interest form.

Should you have any questions, please contact the National Registry team. The most effective way to reach us during these times is by email at