Reviewer Program Expectations and Compensation

The NASBA National Registry Reviewer fees are established based on expected reviewer completion time (which includes course/program review time plus completion of the NASBA Registry Reviewer Form):
Number of CPE credits for reviewed course

Expected Review Time

Review Fee
1 credit                   1 hour                     $175
2-4 credits 2 hours $250
5-8 credits 3 hours $375
9-12 credits 4 hours $500
13-20 credits 5 hours $625
20+ credits 6 hours $750


While the Registry Reviewer is not required to review the entire course/program, the reviewer should devote enough time to determine whether the course meets the Standards.  Once the Registry Reviewer has completed his/her review, he/she will submit the NASBA Registry Reviewer Form and NASBA will issue a check in payment of the appropriate reviewer fee.