National Registry of CPE Sponsors

National Registry of CPE Sponsors


Additional Delivery Method (ADM)

In order to add an additional delivery method to a current membership on the National Registry, CPE program sponsors must submit an Additional Delivery Method (ADM) application together with the appropriate fees. A CPE program sponsor is not eligible to award NASBA-approved CPE credits for additional delivery methods until the ADM application has been reviewed and approved by NASBA.

Additional Materials Required

Additional materials required to be submitted for a group internet based program include:

  • A written statement on attendance monitoring/records of participants.
  • Provide evidence of element of engagement with outline or agenda.

ADM Application Fees

ADM Fees


1.  Request an Additional Delivery Method (ADM) Application (Insert link to interest form)

After the complete interest form is submitted, a link to the National Registry of CPE Sponsors ADM Application will be sent to the main contact.  The email address is  Make sure you are able to accept emails from the above address.

2.   Familiarize Yourself with the Standards and Best Practices

Before proceeding with the online ADM application, we ask that you make yourself familiar with the Statement on Standards for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Programs (revised December 2024).  These are the Standards by which your application will be measured. (THIS SHOULD BE THE NEW STANDARDS)

The Best Practices site has been developed to assist in the development, presentation, measurement, and reporting of CPE programs.  Please visit the Best Practices site here.

3. Complete Additional Delivery Method Application

Applications will not be submitted until all required fields are complete.  The online application form will allow you to save and return to complete it at a later date. You will be prompted to supply a login and password to access the incomplete form.  

4.   Main Contact Notified of Status

Once you have submitted your ADM application, you will receive a confirmation email.

5.  Application Review Process Begins

The application will be complete upon submission along with the required fees.  Applications are reviewed in the order in which they are received.  Our intention is to begin the application review process as soon as possible, with the intention of providing feedback to you within 6 weeks. 

Application Review Process

The required documents for the application include:

Program List

If all program offerings have not yet been determined, submit the known course offerings and remit fees based on that program offering level.  If, during the year, your organization will exceed the number of program offerings included in the initial application, please contact your National Registry account administrator.

Content Review

One program for each instructional delivery method for which you are applying is reviewed for content and technical accuracy. 

The classroom or conference instructor/presenter is a vital part of the content delivery; thus the extent of content review for Group Live is limited.  The course agenda, slides, and instructor notes (as available) will be reviewed for content appropriate for CPE credit, as well as the element of engagement as stated in the Standards.

Request for Modifications

If there are areas of non-compliance, your National Registry account administrator will send you an email requesting modifications.  Please look at each element on the modification request.  If you have any questions, please contact your account administrator.  You will have two weeks from the date of the email to submit the modified documentation and materials.  You have two opportunities to make required modifications.  After two opportunities to make modifications and the documents remain noncompliant, the application will be closed.

Application Approved

Once your initial application is approved, you will be provided with a National Registry of CPE Sponsors ID number and approval letter.